"What our bodies require in order to thrive, is what the world requires. If there is a map to get there, it can be found in the atlas of our skin and bone and blood, in the tracks of neurotransmitters and antibodies. We need nourishment, equilibrium, water, connection, justice."
~Aurora Levins Morales

People with liberatory dreams need liberatory healing

Many of us are dreaming a new world into being.  Through art, community-building, dance, queer relationships and chosen families, community gardens, anti-violence work, writing.  We are waking up as best we can and calling a new world into being. 

We need healers who understand systemic oppression and the more liberated lives we seek to lead.  Who can support us to build the relationships and make the contributions our hearts long for.  Who can help to us learn the skills our families couldn’t teach us and our dominant cultures sure don't.

Through somatic counselling, you’ll learn to love well, building mutually nourishing partnerships and friendships with clear boundaries.   You’ll also learn to fight well, staying connected to those you love during times of conflict.  You’ll gather resilience and courage for facing into oppression, in your workplaces, your educational institutions, your homes.  And finally, you’ll heal, rebuilding your relationship to joy, intimacy, pleasure, and purpose.

What is somatic counselling anyways? 

If you could think or talk our way out of your struggles, you would have by now.  Somatic counselling engages your whole system - your body, mind, emotions, commitments, and actions.  In addition to talking things through, you'll engage in somatic practices, where you'll sit or get on your feet and track body sensations.  You'll learn what your system does when you're scared or triggered.  You'll also work with those triggers - learn to feel them and still act in ways that align with your values.  With time, you'll heal some of the impacts that trauma and oppression have on your precious and necessary life.

When desired, somatic counselling sessions may include somatic bodywork.  

I work with individuals and couples (including non-monogamous and poly partnerships).